How to Enjoy the Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival

The cold in this area is so extreme that even the water falls freeze. However, the locals here embrace these freezing temperatues by holding the Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival. Come enjoy the ice sculptures, light shows, and fireworks, and participate in some local events as well!

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When is the Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival?

The Sounkyo Onsen Ice Waterfall Festival will be held on the following dates.

Festival Date Time
January 28 - March 12, 2023
17:00 - 21:30

What is the Sounkyo Onsen Ice Waterfall Festival?

The Sounkyo Onsen Ice Waterfall Festival is one of the events that represent Hokkaido. About 30 ice sculptures of various sizes are on display and are lit up with lights of 7 colors. The waterfall in the area is frozen and the event is held around the waterfall.

During the period, a fireworks display will also be held with the venue lit up on a winter night background. The fireworks are launched in the cold air and their powerful explosions reverberate over the canyon.

Fun places to visit

Dance Show

On the main stage there is a traditional β€˜Taiko’ drum performance and a traditional, indigenous Ainu dance.

Inner Tube Sliding

Possibly the most popular activity of the Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival is the Inner Tube Sliding. Slides are created out of snow on the frozen slopes, and it only costs 500 yen for 15 minutes of fun!

Things to Know Before Going

Winter in Hokkaido is extremely cold, and the average temperature is below freezing. A thick coat, down jacket, hat, muffler, and gloves are a must. Please also wear warm underwear to protect yourself from the cold.

Entry Fees

It costs 500 yen to enter the festival grounds. Children of grade school age can enter without a fee.

You can buy festival tickets here.

Official Event Website

You can access the official event website here.

How to get there

If you go by train, please take the Dohoku Bus “Kamikawamori Terrace Bus” in front of JR Kamikawa Station. After getting off at “Sounkyo Onsen”, you will arrive after a short 5 minutes walk.

Thanks for Reading

Being one of the β€˜big three’ Hokkaido Festivals, the Soukyo Onsen Ice Waterfall Festival really is something you shouldn’t miss!

Various other unique Hokkaido events will be held in the surrounding area. See below if you want to add any destinatios to your trip!

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Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
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