How to Enjoy the Otaru Snow Light Path

The Otaru Snow Light Path 2023 will be held over the course of 10 days from February 11th to 18th. The lights are lit up from 5pm to 9pm every evening.

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When is the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival?

The Otaru Snow Light Path is held on the following dates:

Festival Date Time
From February 11, 2023 to February 18, 2023
17:00 - 21:00

What is the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival?

The Otaru Snow Light Path is Japanese winter festival. Like most Japanese festivals, the feeling there is magical and like that of a fantasy world. The festival is a series of illuminations — you can walk along snowy paths lit up by various lights, candles and lanterns in a classical japanese style.

Unlike the Sapporo Snow Festival, it is a lot less mainstream. It is a perfect location for those who are willing to venture outside the typical tourist hotspots and explore a more local area.

Site List

Temiyasen Kaijo Site(Main Site)

The Temiyasen Kaijo Site also has many traditional restaurants where you can get a wide variety of both modern and traditional Japanese foods. Since it is so cold outside, dont forget to stop by for a warm bowl of ramen or udon!

Unga Site A

The 200 ball candles floating on the water surface of the canal along with the snow candles that light up the walkway and the message candles upon which visitors write their own messages contribute to a retro-Japan style cityscape of Otaru.

Unga Site B

The theme of Unga Site B is based on a forest. Various decorations will contribute to a forest-like atmosphere, creating a moodscape quite different from Unga site A.

North Canal Site

The former historic Hokkai factory is dressed up in pretty lights along the waterside.

Tenguyama Site

The city of Otaru seen from Tenguyama Shrine and the observatory on the mountaintop is also beautiful. Here, you can enjoya night time view of Otaru from a distance.

Fun Things to do and see

①Ice bar

An ice bar will be opened at the Temiya Line venue. In addition to cold drinks, there are hot drinks, hot chocolate, corn soup, and other menu items that can be enjoyed by those who cannot drink alcohol. The highlight and main attraction (besides the drinks) are the glasses made from ice! The way it keeps the drink chilled is very different from drinking from a normal cup, so no need to order drinks on the rocks.

Things to Know Before Going

①Weather Conditions During the Event

Winter in Hokkaido is extremely cold, and the average temperature is below freezing. A thick coat, down jacket, hat, muffler, and gloves are a must. Please also wear warm underwear to protect yourself from the cold.

②Official Website

The official event website can be accessed here.

The official Instagram can be accessed here.

How to get there

Many people come by car from the local area and neighboring areas, and the parking lot becomes crowded starting in the evening. We recommend using JR rail if possible. If you use the rapid train from JR Sapporo Station, you will arrive at Otaru Station in 32 minutes.

From Otaru Station, go down toward the canal. Then you will be welcomed by candlelight here and there along the way.

Thanks for Reading!

Thanks always to our loyal readers. Come and enjoy the quaint and cozy town of Otaru in the winter! Various other unique Hokkaido events will be held in the surrounding area. See below if you want to add any destinatios to your trip!

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