How to Enjoy the Aizen Festival

Beautiful women dressed in traditional Japanese yukata gather from all over Japan. The Aizen Festival marks the beginning of the Osakan summer.

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When is the Aizen Festival?

The Aizen Festival will be held on the following dates.

Event Date Time
10:00 ~ 19:00

What is the Aizen Festival?

The Aizen Festival is Japan’s oldest summer festival, held by the historic Prince Shotoku. In those days, without refrigeration, food spoiled in the summer, causing rampant food poisoning. Legend has it that the festival was initially held to pray for the health of the local residents.

Points of Interest

①Hoekago Parade

At the Aizen Festival, which is said to be the oldest summer festival in Japan, beautiful women in traditional Japanese yukata are carried in palanquins decorated with red and white cloth and Aizen flowers.

Event Date Departure Location Destination
June 30th
Tennoji Park

It is held on public roads that are closed to vehicles for the procession, and women wearing happi coats carry portable shrines down the empty streets. There are also many people in kimonos watching the procession. In 2022, students who had evacuated from Ukraine also participated in the festival.

The route runs 1.2 km from Tennoji Park to Aizen-do as shown below.

②Miss Aizen Contest

The Aizen girls perform for festival officials and the audience and the officials vote on the winner. Candidates can apply to participate every year on the official website. However, contest hopefuls are required to be able to put on a yukata without assistance (very difficult!), so this contest is unique to Aizen Matsuri and is different from a simple beauty pageant.

Every year, about 300 to 400 women apply, and after the first and second screenings, it is narrowed down to 10 people. In the photos displayed here, you can see one Miss Aizen who was chosen from among the final 10.

③Traditional Outdoor Stalls

At previous Aizen Festivals, many stalls were lined up and became one of the well-known attractions of the Aizen Festival. However, since 2018, all food stalls have been closed due to disobedience of garbage etiquette — trash was simply not being disposed of properly, often ending up in the street. Similarly in 2022, there was no stall opening.

Stalls may be reopened for 2023 — please make sure to dispose of your trash properly so everyone can enjoy the food!

Things to Know Before Going

①Entry Fees

There are no entry fees.

②Official Website

You can visit the offical Aizen Festival website here.

③Want to Wear a Traditional Japanese Yukata?

The Aizen Festival is also known locally as the Yukata Festival. Many women wearing traditional yukata gather at the Aizen Festival every year. Participants are recommended to wear a yukata so they can feel like they are part of the festival!

Of course, men can wear a jinbei, which is seen as the traditional male counterpart to the yukata. Both men and women can enjoy the Aizen Festival even more by wearing traditional Japanese garb!

How to get there

The Aizen Festival is held at Aizen-do and its surroundings. Because it is in Osaka city, it is better to travel by train or car.

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