【Osaka】Sakai Festival — How to enjoy and know the culture

A massive parade of over 7,000 people walks around the city of Sakai, and a lively traditional tea ceremony is performed. At the Sakai Festival, you will be able to experience the history and ancient culture of Japan and Osaka.

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When is the Sakai Festival

The Sakai Festival will be held on the following dates.

Event Date Time
October 15-16

What is the Sakai Festival?

The Sakai Festival is a festival held in Sakai, the traditional royal capital of ancient and medieval Japan. It is said to have originated from the deity of Sakai, who was originally enshrined at village entrances, slopes, and passes in order to prevent epidemics and disasters and to pray for the safety of roads.

Since its humble beginning in 1974, it has become the city’s largest event held every October with the participation of many citizens.

Points of Interest

①Parade — Over 7000 People

The large parade is a large procession that represents the history of Sakai beginning from 1,600 years ago to the present day. This period of time is divided into five periods: the Kofun period, the Middle Ages, the early modern period, the modern period, and the present day.

To symbolize Sakai cities importance in the history of firearms manufacture in Japan, some matchlock guns are fired with a thunderous crackling during the parade. However, during the peaceful Edo period, guns began to sell poorly, and they began to make kitchen knives using the masturful metalworking techniques developed to make matchlock guns.

During the parade, everyone is dancing so well that the viewers never get tired of it.

The ‘futon’ drums decorate the end of the parade. Futon-daiko is a float made up of futons piled up in an inverted pyramid shape, and it is said that the God sits on the fifth cushion on top of the float.

A total of 7,000 people participate in the parade, which is truly the symbol of the Sakai Festival.

Parade Time


②Grand Tea Ceremony

At the Sakai Festival, the Sakai Grand Tea Ceremony will be held. On October 15th, you can experience the hospitality of the tea ceremony at Nanshu-ji Temple. On October 16th, students from a nearby tea ceremony club will be able to experience a variety of tea ceremonies.

Written below is detailed information about the two venues where the tea ceremony is held.

Nanshuji Venue

Festival Time

October 15th 09:00-15:40

Tea Ceremony Ticket

Advance ticket (with fresh sweets, 2 seats): 1,800 yen

Same-day ticket (with fresh sweets, 1 seat): 1,000 yen

Sakai Forest Venue

Event Time

October 16th 10:00-16:00

Tea Ceremony Ticket

Advance ticket (with fresh sweets, 1 seat): 800 yen

③Traditional Japanese Food Stalls

At the Sakai Festival, many stalls are set up every year, making the festival even more exciting.

Along with all of the standard kinds of Traditional Japanese food, there are also many international dishes such as Thai and Vietnamese. In addition to gourmet food, there are many stalls for activities such as target shooting and goldfish catching, so everyone from children to adults can enjoy themselves.

Mina Sakai

10/15: Around evening to around 21:00, 10/16: Around 10:00 to around evening

Sakai Risho no Mori

10/15-16: Around 11:00-around evening

Area around Ookoji Station

10/15: No stalls, 10/16: Around 10:00-around evening

Ichinomachi east intersection area

10/15: No stalls, 10/16: Around 10:00-around evening

Things to Know Before Going

①Entry Fees

Since the Sakai Festival is held in the city, there is no entrance fee and anyone can watch it.

②Official Event Website

The official website of the Sakai Festival is below. Information for 2023 has not yet been lifted.

How to get there

Go to the Sakai Festival by train

Using the Nankai Line/Koya Line

Get off at Nankai Line "Sakai Station" and get off at Koya Line "Sakai Higashi Station".

Using the Kintetsu Nara Line

If you transfer at "Osaka Namba Station", get off at "Sakai Station" on the Nankai Line or "Sakai Higashi Station" on the Koya Line.

If you transfer at "Tsuruhashi Station", change to the Nankai Line at "Shin-Imamiya Station" on the Osaka Loop Line and change to "Sakai Station" or the Koya Line and get off at "Sakaihigashi Station".

Use JR line

If you change trains at Shin-Imamiya Station on the Osaka Loop Line, get off at Sakai Station on the Nankai Line or Sakai-Higashi Station on the Koya Line.

If you change trains at Mikunigaoka Station on the Hanwa Line, get off at Sakaihigashi Station on the Koya Line.

Take the train to Rikyu's hometown Sakai Grand Tea Ceremony

Nanshuji Venue

● From Shin-Imamiya Station on the Nankai Line, Koya Line, or JR Osaka Loop Line, transfer to the Hankai Line Shin-Imamiya Ekimae Station and get off at Goryo-mae Station.

Daisen Park Venue

●Transfer to Mikunigaoka Station on the Koya Line, get off at Mozu Station on the JR Hanwa Line, and go west for 5 minutes.

Go to the eve by train

● Get off at Nakamozu Station on the Koya Line.

● Get off at Nakamozu Station on the Midosuji Subway Line.

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