How to Enjoy the Tenjin Festival

Tenjin Matsuri is a festival that has been held for over 1000 years and is one of the “three major festivals” of Japan. Also known as the Festival of Water and Fire, it features bonfires, paper lanterns, and fireworks reflected across the surface of the nearby river. It is one of the biggest events of Japan and attracts millions of visitors every year.

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When is it ?​

The Tenjin Festival will be held on the following dates.

Event Date Time
06/25 - 07/25

The Tenjin Festival is held every year from the end of June to the night of July 25th, with various events held throughout the city. The main events of the Tenjin Festival are the “Yoimiya Matsuri” on July 24th and the “Hongu Matsuri” on the 25th, and together, these two days attract over 1 million tourists. Please read below for the details about the events.


July 23rd

"Tenjin Matsuri Women’s Mikoshi", a portable shrine carried by women is paraded around Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street.


July 24th (Yomiya Matsuri)

At the beginning of the Tenjin Matsuri, Shinto floats are flown from the boat while the traditional Kagura song ``Hoko Ryuuta'' is played in the Hoko Nagare Shinji ritual (throwing a wooden spear into the river as a prayer for good health). After, a traditional Japanese Taiko drum and Lion Dance parade will be available to view


July 25th(Hongu Matsuri)

Various traditional Shinto ceremonies dealing in spirits and gods will be performed. There will also be a fireworks ceremony commemorating the event.

What is the Tenjin Festival?​

First of all, the Tenjin Festival is one of Japan’s widely renowned festivals, boasting a tradition of over 1,000 years.

In 951 A.D., Shinto floats were floated from the beach at the head of the shrine, and a cremation hall was set up on the beach where they flowed, and ‘Misogi exorcism’ was performed. It is said that the Tenjin Festival began when the people of Shinryo built a boat to welcome them, and it boasts a history of 1,000 years.

Since ancient times, the number of ships in the festival has increased dramatically — by the time of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, there were already over a 100 ships being sent down the river during the festival.

The Tenjin Matsuri has undergone many changes over time, and there was even a time when its survival was at stake. However, due to the hard work and perseverence of the locals, the difficulties were overcome, and the traditions preserved. The Tenjin Festival continues to grow today thanks to the passion and energy of these locals.

Points of Interest​

①Traditional Japanese Food Stalls and Fun

Many local, traditional food stalls are set up at the Tenjin Festival every year, and you’ll get full just by eating while walking around.

There are various types of food stalls, from standard items such as chocolate bananas, candy apples, yakisoba, to yakitori, and udon noodles. There are so many kinds that you quite literally can’t eat them all — definitely eat some takoyaki before you get too full, since its a famous food that represents osaka culture.

There are also stalls that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, such as goldfish scooping and lottery. The sheer volume and types of different stalls will amaze you — there is even a haunted house.


July 24th, evening to around 10:00 pm

Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street, Sakuranomiya Park Area, Minami Temma Park


July 25th, noon to around 11:00 pm

Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street, Sakuranomiya Park Area, Minami Temma Park

②Gyaru Mikoshi!

In 1981, the 1st Tenjin Festival Women’s Mikoshi was held with the aim of revitalizing the region, enhancing Osaka culture, and creating a bright and fun town. A gyaru is a young woman who is particularly cheerful and sociable, and who tries to share her senses through actions such as adopting trendy fashion.

The official website for the Gyaru Mikoshi ca be found here.

Time Place
12:00 - 17:00
Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street

③Rikutogyo, a 3000 person procession

On July 25, Rikutogyo takes place in a large procession from Osaka Tenmangu Shrine to Nakanoshima Park. Over 3000 people come to participate every year. Powerful taiko drums, local floats, and portable shrines bring life to the festival, and portable shrines carrying divine spirits and processions of constumed people brightly color the streets of Osaka.

The red line in the photo below is the route of the Rikutogyo parade.

④Funatogyo — a Naval Shinto Ritual

Funatogyo is a ritual performed at the Tenjin Festival involving over 100 boats. The boats are thought to be carrying Shinto spirits and are paddled along the Okawa River, which runs through the center of Osaka

If you’d like to participate, you can even ride on one of the boats and enjoy some traditional food while watching the fireworks above.

The blue line in the photo below is the Funatogyo boat cruise route.

⑤Celebratory Fireworks

The finale of the Tenjin Festival is marked by a beautiful fireworks display as shown in the video below. Over 5000 fireworks are used for the finale.

Fireworks Date/Time Fireworks Location
July 25th 19:30 - 20:50
Kawasaki Park/Sakuranomiya Park

With over a million visitors picking the best spots to watch the fireworks, it’s a good idea to find a good spot to watch them in advance.

Things to Know Before Going

①Decide Where to Watch the Fireworks

Enjoy Dinner and Fireworks on a Traditional Japanese boat

You can watch the fireworks from the water on a chartered boat with a capacity of 270 people. This option can be quite expensive, but it is the best way to enjoy the festivities and there is all-you-can-eat eel and all-you-can-drink beer!


17:00 - 21:00


35,000 yen/person


Tenjin Bridge

Included Items

All-you-can-drink eel bento box, beer and soft drinks for dinner

In addition, the boat has an air conditioner and a bathroom, so you can enjoy the fireworks comfortably without worrying about bathrooms or sweating in the heat.

Take a look at how it is in the video below.

Enjoy Fireworks From a Hotel

Here are three recommended hotels where you can relax and enjoy the fireworks. This information is recommended for those who don’t mind spending some money so they can enjoy fireworks while avoiding the heat and crowds.

Imperial Hotel Osaka

The Imperial Hotel is the go-to option for people who want the best view of the fireworks of the Tenjin Festival. You can see the fireworks directly from your room.

Hotel Monterey Osaka

The world-famous Hotel Monterey Osaka is another great option. Since the nearest station is Osaka Station, this hotel is recommended for those who want to avoid the congestion near the fireworks venue and those who are visiting from outside Osaka.

Hotel New Otani

Hotel New Otani, near Osaka Castle is a good location to view the fireworks, and access is very convenient, making it a popular spot.

Where to Enjoy the Fireworks

At the Tenjin Festival, there are special seating options that available for viewing the fireworks. At the Tenjin Festival, there are many objects that block the view of fireworks, such as trees and buildings, so it is necessary to reserve a place in advance in order to get a good place for free. This is especially true for photographers, or anyone trying to get good footage of the fireworks. Paid seats are recommended to guarantee a good viewing spot.

Riverbed North of Temmabashi OMM

You can see the fireworks from the special venue on the riverbed. The details are in the table below.


18:00 - 21:00


6,000 yen/person - 11,500 yen/person *Varies by seat

Included Items

Lunch box, shop voucher worth 300 yen *Varies by seat

Rooftop Bleachers on the 21st Floor

You can see the fireworks up close from the special paid seats that are set up only for watching the fireworks display on the roof of the OMM building. The details are in the table below.




18,000 yen/person

Included Items

Lunch box, soft drink, Tenjin Festival guidebook included

Kema Sakuranomiya Park bleachers

It is a bleachers from where you can watch the fireworks and the Funatogyo cruise up close.




16,000 yen/person

Included Items

Lunch box

A Hidden Area…

Around Miyakojima Bridge

The area around Miyakojima Bridge is a little far from the Tenjin Festival fireworks venue, but you can still see the fireworks. Recommended for families and couples who want to avoid crowds.

Around Hisho Bridge

The area around Hisho Bridge where you can see the illuminated Osaka Castle might be the best place from which to view the fireworks. There are no obstacles obstructing your view of the display from this area. It is a 5-minute walk from the nearest station, JR Miyakojima Station.

②Entry Fees

There are no fees associated with this event.

③Official Event Website

You can visit the official website here.

How to get there

The Tenjin Festival begins at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine. It is located in the middle of Osaka, so you can easily visit by train or car. However, on the day of the event, it will be crowded with many visitors and it will be difficult to get on the train on the way back so consider booking a hotel nearby.

Thanks For Reading!

There is plenty for you to do in the great city of Osaka — check out some of our other articles to see what else there is to do.

Over 1,000,000
Event Attendees
Osaka City, Osaka
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