How to Enjoy the Awashima-jinja Shrine Hina Nagashi

50,000 hina dolls, which symbolize the Imperial family of Japan, are collected from all over Japan and displayed at a memorial. Awashima Shrine has long been worshiped as a "God of Women" for gynecological diseases and safe childbirth.

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When is the Awashima jinja Shrine Hina Nagashi

Hina nagashi at Awashima Shrine will be held on the following dates.

Event Date Time
March 03, 2023
12:00 - 13:40

What is the Awashima jinja Shrine Hina Nagashi

Every year at noon on March 3rd, a Shinto ritual called “Hina Nagashi” is held, in which the Hina Nagashi, miniature boats filled with hina dolls, are floated into the nearby sea of Kada. This Hina nagashi is said to be the beginning of Hina Matsuri, which is a famous yearly festival held across all Japan.

Hina dolls donated from all over the country and charms with wishes written on them are placed on three small white wooden boats, and are released into the sea after the priest exorcises them of any bad spirits.

Points of Interest

①Hina nagashi - A Wooden Boat Carrying 100 Dolls is Released Into the Sea

In preparation for this event, bout 50,000 hina dolls are sent from all over Japan to Awashima Shrine.

The shrine maiden places the dolls on three small white wooden boats, and peach blossoms and rape blossoms are loaded onto the boats by maidens from the main shrine.

A Thousand paper cranes are scattered in the calm sea of Kada in spring, marking a pth to the land of the gods. Countless dolls piled high on a ship are towed by the leading ship, heading out to sea, disappearing behind the waves and beyond the horizon.

Things to Know Before Going

①Entry Fees/Tickets

There are no entry fees or tickets required.

②Official Website

The official event website can be visited here.

How to Get There

After getting off at “Kada Station” on the Nankai Electric Railway’s Kada Line, you can get to Awashima Shrine in 20 minutes on foot.

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